Messed Up

He didn’t show up the next day either. She wasn’t expecting him. He’d said he wouldn’t come and that it had nothing to do with what had happened the previous day. She took out her diary but put it back. She was getting annoyed by how much she’d been writing about him and she wanted it to stop. A few minutes later, she had her pad on her laps and her pen in her hand, she couldn’t fight it. She let it flow, she didn’t have to think about what to write. While she was doing her thing, someone cleared his throat behind her. She turned sharply, it was this other guy attending the same seminar as them. The guy had shown interest in her since the day they had met. She thought he was handsome too, but he had a certain way to him. That way she always fought guys for. He looked like a player. He was interesting and fun, but she knew well enough to keep her distance. Deep down she knew why she didn’t want to get involved with him; her social life was already complicated and she had no intentions of complicating it further.

“Hey Psi!”

He nodded then sat next to her and continued to read what she was writing.

“Doesn’t that stuff turn you on when you write it?”

“Does it matter? As a matter of fact, I feel like am in heaven, that’s what writing does to me. And what with the beautiful music playing over there? To be honest, turned on is an understatement.”

“Now that just got me gone!”

“Well, too bad. Am having the time of my life here. Feels like having an orgasm.” She winked at him. He smiled then left, had his business to attend to.

She didn’t stop. There was too much to write about. She had lots of disruptions that day, but she didn’t pay attention to them. The morning passed quickly and soon it was lunch time. As she joined the rest for lunch, she heard Psi creep up to her from behind.

“So what did you say?”

“To who? About what?”

“About me and you leaving early, see where the evening takes us?”

“Why would I do that?”

“It’s Friday, come on!”

She laughed. She wasn’t new to flirting. She was thinking of many things, Vonech being one of them. She said no again, then added “but if you talk nicely, i just might give you something.”

They had lunch. A simple meal of rice, chicken and veges. After lunch she went back to the room in which she’d spent her morning. He went about his business and joined her later. He had his phone in his right hand.

“This police woman was cheeky.”

“Which police woman?”

“The one who posted naked photos of a student.”

“I saw those photos, I don’t understand what it is with them. They barely show any meat. She was wrong, but then again, I wouldn’t call that nude.”

“If you were a man you would understand. Things like these lose meaning when they show everything. However, showing tidbits is even worse.”

“And why in the hell are you staring at a small girls body, when you could see more of someone old enough?”

“Who? You?”

“Yeah, or anyone else your age.”

“Would you show me?”

She blushed then lowered her blouse. She was in a purple chiffon blouse. He winced. “Some nipple, please… ” He was staring at her cleavage hungrily.

She placed her hand on her right breast. The door squeaked open and someone walked in. This was a large room, open to all and sundry. When the incomer was gone she resumed her business. She pulled out her tiny nipple. She rubbed it a little and smiled as it grew hard and thick. She then remembered her audience and turned to look at him. He looked like he was in pain. She understood perfectly why, and felt flattered.

“Let’s go to town.”

“I don’t want to go to town.”

“We’ll go anywhere you want, just pick a place.” He implored. Almost desperately. She loved every bit of it.

“Am not going anywhere with you.”

“Don’t do this to me.”

“I just can’t. I wish I could.” She wanted something too. She’d exposed her nipple and now she wanted to be touched. She wasn’t sure she wanted him though. She thought of Vonech, and suddenly she stood up. She was angry with him but more with herself. Why was she even thinking of him? He’d pulled her away from her. He’d embarrassed her. He’d made her feel inadequate. She’d thrown her whole self to him and all she’d gotten was a racing heart. The rage was engulfing her. She felt sandwiched by it. “Follow me.” It came out almost like a hiss.

She looked around the room then walked out. She didn’t lock the door. A few seconds later, she looked back at him. He was staring at her curiously. She winked at him. He knew that was the ‘follow me’ signal he’d been waiting for. He didn’t get up instantly, he took his time. She was starting to get impatient. She wanted to bail out last minute, but she was still angry. Then he stood up and followed her. She led him to a deserted room. He followed faithfully. As soon as they got there, there was no time to lock the door. They were both like two dogs on heat. He didn’t wait for an invitation, he went straight for her lips with his. The smacking, the suckling, the rubbing. She’d imagined he would be good at this but she didn’t expect him to be that good. He flowed with her rhythm, like they’d rehearsed all this for years. For the first few minutes, none of them spoke. None of them pulled from the kiss, they were both panting, scouring at each other hungrily.

He spoke first. “This is so risky, we could be caught.”

“That’s the fun part.” She could barely talk. She was trembling. She couldn’t stand on her own so she leaned against the door, thus shutting it.

He pulled her to him a second time. She was in no position to resist. She was loving it. She’d known that she wanted to be kissed, but she wasn’t aware of how much she needed it. They kissed a second time. This time he let her suckle his tongue. His hands were all over her back. Rubbing from neck to waist. Her hands rested on his waist. Then he grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She let out a soft moan. It drove him crazy. He threw his right hand into her pants. She got scared, not because of the action, but because of her reaction. She thought she could stop it, but she wasn’t about to. She bent backwards, granting him full access to her buttercup. They were still kissing and she was now caressing his spine.

His hand felt her wetness, her clit, she parted her legs. She wanted to be pleasured. Then he withdrew his hand and pulled away from her. “Let’s go to town.” This time he sounded more serious. She knew what that meant, and she was not ready.

“I just can’t” She did not want to explain either. It wasn’t just about Vonech, there was Ask to think about too. She had nicknamed her previous love interest Ask. The guy was mysterious and all she had for him was questions. She wanted to see him again, clear things with him, before she could agree to having s3x with anyone else. The thought of it made her feel stupid, but she’d made up her mind nonetheless.

“This place is too risky, someone could walk in on us.” She understood his plight, but she wanted to kiss him some more. When he pulled away the last time, he knew he had to leave or she’d never let him go. She stayed as he left. Her knees still felt weak, she knew that even a blind person could read her face if they saw her that instance, so she stayed behind to cool it off.

Finally, when she felt composed enough, she went for the door. He came in, asked her to leave with him. When she made it clear that she wasn’t going to, he left, and so did she. She went back to the conference room, he showed up much later. He did not stay though, a female friend of his came calling. Soon as they were gone, she looked up, touched her lips and smiled. She would deal with her guilt later. At that moment, she only wanted to reminisce. She knew she would confess this to Vonech. That was the kind of person she was, the kind that felt guilty about almost everything, almost every time.

When she went home that evening, she called Ask. He sounded distant, like he wasn’t expecting her call. Normally this would get to her. It still did. He still mattered. She felt messed up. She felt sick.


Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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