Adam’s Apple

On Monday, V reported went back to complete her final week at the seminar. She went straight to the auditorium when she arrived. Psi was already there.

“How was everything, you went away so suddenly, you got me scared.”

“I went away because of my daughter, she was unwell. Sorry I couldn’t tell you  that when I left.”

“You have a daughter?”

“Yeah! She’ll be six in two weeks.”

“Six what!”

“Months.” She offered. It had not come out as a question. In his defense, she didn’t look like a mother to a six year old. Not that it would be unheard of, V had seen girls her age drop out of school because they were pregnant when she was in high school. It had been almost five years since she’d finished high school.

“You do not look like you have a kid. Let alone that young.”

“I’m a terrible mother.” She sighed. She’d seen people receive that statement as a complement, to her it wasn’t. She had been separated from Ara eleven days after delivery. And sometimes the universe made her feel like she did not have her priorities right. Many had suggested staying away from  school for a year to take care of Ara. That was not an option for her. The small sacrifice she could not make,and it made her feel horrible.

After getting that out of her chest. she tiurned to him and explained that she had no intentions of keeping secrets from him. What she didn’t notice was, Psi had not taken the matter lightly. He was 27 and looking for something serious. He was not prepared to be a father just yet, though V wasn’t looking for a father for her kid. They had a long deep conversation, at the end of which V felt relieved. What was the use of leading someone on and wasting time in the process? V found Psi physically attractive. He had a perfect frame and a sweet laughter. But that was it. They knew nothing about each other. That evening, Psi tried to get her to have a quickie with him, but V was beyond that point. Besides, she had promised herself that if she would have s3x with anyone, it was going to be Kelv, call him Ask if you will. Psi wasn’t going to be that guy. not before Kelv, no!

Going back home that evening was awkward for the two of them. He had embarrassed himself in front of her. He had slid his hand beneath her skirt and she’d asked him to stop. He hadn’t, he’d imagined that if he went on for much longer she’d yield. Problem was, her mind was made up. V was a stubborn girl, and her no meant just that. Psi had then carried on to unzip his pants. His whole body was shaking. V was starting to get angry. He begged and she declined. When he insisted a little longer, she had dared him to rape her. That had done it. He,d been so embarrassed. He’d zipped his pants and apologized. V could tell he was annoyed, she didn’t care. She was not about to let someone have her buttercup with no good reason.

She started to think of the creation story. The garden of Eden and the fruit in the middle. Middle from what? Top to bottom? Left to right? Her Bible had not been specific, neither had been her Sunday school or PPI teacher. None of them had explained which center. V shifted her gaze to her waist, then to her thighs. Her left right thigh then her right. The fruit was in the center alright, whichever direction she chose. This same fruit Eve could eat on her own, Adam needed Eve to eat it. She knew the power of Eve in the whole story. Without her, Adam could never have eaten the apple. But on her own she could still have eaten it, without the help of Adam. She was now the Eve in the Story, and she was going to decide which Adam was allowed to eat the apple. Beside from the creation story, she’d been talking to a male friend and he’d said something to her that made a lot of sense; “You girls have no idea what you possess. You have no idea why men will do anything to get it!” It was almost a complain, but it had been enlightening.

V got onto a noisy bus that evening. She felt frazzled. She wasn’t used to sinking in her chair, she liked to sit up. When the tout came to ask for fare, she fumbled with her purse. She could not locate it fast enough.

“Relax. It’s been taken care of.”


“Not good enough.”


“If I can have your number, that will do.”

She look at him threateningly. He did not butt an eyelid. She dropped the gaze. She was too tired to argue. She gave him her number and they said nothing to each other after that. When she got home that evening, she took a cold bath, hot tea and a deep nap. She woke up later to two missed calls, one from Inea and another from her father. She then made a simple meal of rice and peas.

That night she went to bed sombre girl. She knew well enough to sleep early, the next day was going to be tough. She hoped she would not run into Psi.


Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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