Saturday, October the 3rd

She was awoken by a loud cackle as someone slammed the door shut. She stirred then opened her eyes. She stretched out for her phone to check the time. 11:02! How had it gotten so late. She sat up just as an elated Ali walked towards her. He’d just seen the last of his friends out. Well, the male ones at least.

“It’s pretty late!” he mattered with something that looked like a smile on his lips. Lips she was one day going to evaluate.

“I know.”

That could only mean one thing, she was spending the night. She debated it in her head but the thought of her leaving had very little weight. Besides, he looked harmless and inviting. She was horny, but she wasn’t about to do it with him. She’d been here before and he’d not made a move then. Somehow she felt safe. She dropped back onto the bed and lay still, waiting to see what he would do.

“You’re not sleeping in that, are you?”

“What else is there?”

“I could give you one of my t-shirts.”

“That will do.”

She tried to put on the t-shirt with as little skin exposure as she could, but after she was done, the rest of her legs were out. Nothing about that moment was innocent. She sat up for a while. She convinced herself she was going to watch a movie till they were both too tired. In his collection, was one of her favorite series; How To Get Away With Murder. That the two of them were watching that was humorously unsettling, and fun at the same time. The first few minutes were clouded with tension. He had squeezed himself by her côté like it meant nothing. He was warm, she could tell. He was still fully dressed though, probably too shy to get it off. He was in blue jeans and a white t-shirt, he loved those – the t-shirts. White contrasted beautifully with his skin tone. She tried so hard to keep her focus on the screen but her mind was half there. Moments later, the tension was gone, but a new kind of distraction had set in. She was forming naked pictures of him in her head. The romantic scenes in what they were watching weren’t helping her case.

She had seen him naked before. They had once shared graphic photos in the heat of the moment. She had fallen in love with the pictures. She had told him the things she would do to him if she ever had the chance. She’d had phone sex with him. And now here they were. Trapped. In his room, on his bed, in the middle of the night, alone… yet none of them had it in them to admit to anything. She was in his t-shirt, though she still had her panties on. What kind of girl would she be if she’d gotten those off?

V turned to look at Ali. She caught him staring at her and he immediately turned away. V laughed. A kind of laughter she didn’t know she possessed. She was in a man’s bed, horny. It was the kind of laughter that paints that picture. He laughed back. None of them knew why. Then she turned to watch Annalise do her thing, like nothing had happened.

Exactly 35 minutes later, their positions had changed. She was sleeping on his left arm, lying on her back. He was facing her. She kept alternating her gaze between the screen and him. She was feeling hot. And she was certain he was never going to make a move. Then she did it. She touched his groin. That was not what she wanted, but it was a start. He smiled shyly, threw a quick glance at her then turned to stare blankly at the screen. She took that as a good sign. He hadn’t tried to stop her. She went for his belt. She undid the buckle. Then slid her hand into his pants. He smiled again. This time with his eyes closed. She bit her lower lip. He was hard.

In her mind, V was being a tease. There was no way she and Ali were going to do it. But that did not mean that she could not have some fun. She viewed him as a trapped gazelle, especially now that she had just found out, he was shy. After touching his boner, V decided that she had taken things too far and that it was about time she stopped. What she didn’t know was that Ali was just getting started, and so was the night. She turned to look at yet another romantic scene. He didn’t. It was his turn to touch her groin. V turned towards him, and flashed him a look. The kind of look that questioned, what are you doing? Ali felt embarrassed and retracted his hands. V smiled. It felt cruel so she turned away to let him have it. They lay there for a while, pretending to watch something, she couldn’t remember what, listening to each other breathe through the noise from the sound system.

Ali placed his hand on her lap again. Then started to push it upward, taking the t-shirt with him. V ignored him and ‘watched’ on. Ali thought this was a bad sign, so he sighed and let go. Then in a rash, a desire came to her. She turned her head and kissed him lightly on the lips. If that didn’t scream welcome loud enough, nothing else in that moment would. Thankfully, it did it. It released the animal he’d safely hidden away. A few minutes later, she was in the t-shirt and nothing else. He was wearing the same outfit as her. V couldn’t recollect what had transpired between the kiss and the half-nakedness. She lay still, breath held. She was tense to the core. She wanted him. She didn’t want him. She was still trying to make up her mind when she felt a penetration. She winced. He paused to adjust himself on top of her. He stared down at her. She stared back at him with disbelief. It was happening, yet she still wasn’t sure she wanted it. He too looked uncertain. That gave her some sort of consolation, she didn’t know why. Then he rose gently before pushing back down. He was riding her, and very slowly for that matter. She hadn’t pictured sex with him, but even if she had, she wouldn’t place him in the slow and passionate category.

She opened her eyes. Apparently they had closed. He was looking down at her. Peering into her eyes, way down into her soul. His gaze was fixed. His mouth was open, in disbelief. The moment was a little too much for him too, she could tell. V could feel herself falling hopelessly and helplessly in love. She got scared. She knew that if history was any indicator, this too would go down in flames. She had messed up. Why had she touched him? Why had she kissed him? Why hadn’t she held back a little longer. She felt a pain in her heart. The deja-vous notion that she would lose him too. She started to cry.

Normally when V cried, it would be in muffled sobs. But this time she couldn’t help it. She was sobbing, writhing in pain. She was being loud and she couldn’t help it. The more she tried to stop herself, the louder she cried. Ali was tense and helpless. Any advancements from him in an attempt to calm her down were met with hostility. She didn’t want anything to do with him. Not his touch, not his words, nothing. She wanted to hurt herself physically, maybe that would ease the pain she was feeling. She punched the bed post. Ali watched, scared. He wasn’t sure what he was handling here. One minute he was dealing with a happy mischievous girl and the next he was dealing with a psychotic pain in the ass. After several unsuccessful attempts, he lay by her side and took it all in.

Then almost as suddenly as it had started, the crying stopped. V turned towards a frazzled Ali, feeling ashamed. She wished he hadn’t seen that. She lay silently by his side until he spoke to her.

“You had me scared”

“Am so sorry, I don’t know how that happened.”

“What was that about, anyway? Did I hurt you?”

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“Who said you are going to?”

“I’ve been there before. And I always and up broken and in pain.”

“I promise you that I will always be here.”

“Can I count on that?”

“As sure as my name is Tyrese.”



“Is your name really Tyrese? Like the musician.”

“He was named after me, I bet!”

They both laughed. Then he held her close and asked her to never pull something like that again. V knew that she wasn’t going to repeat it. She also felt like she had covered the breakup part; that if he ever left her, despite the promise, she wouldn’t have to cry again. She didn’t tell him that. She smiled at him, then lay quietly like a little girl.

They stayed in the cuddle for a good amount of time. Then Ali started to touch her. She looked up to meet his eyes. He returned her gaze with a what?-we-never-got-to-finish-what-we-started-and-am-still-horny kind of gaze. She giggled and blushed a little. Then he unraveled himself from the embrace and slid downwards. She felt something cold on her navel. A wetness. He’d kissed her navel, and V was now well aware where his lips were headed.

It was well past midnight, V couldn’t tell for sure. It was Saturday, the 3rd of October. But that wasn’t the first thing on her mind. She was wriggling with toes clenched. Her waist was barely touching the bed. Her thighs were tightly squeezing his head. She was scared she would strangle him, or worse, suffocate him. But she was going to worry about that later. In that moment, she was struggling to breathe herself. Her mouth wide open, yet she was running out of breath. Whatever this guy was doing to her was out of this world. She panted and wriggled and squeezed, till she had no might left. Then suddenly the pleasure tripled, she let out a loud shrill. She pulled at his hair and squeezed his head like she was going to smash it. Then it was all gone. She dropped her waist back to the bed and lay there motionless. She was done. He was just getting started. V had no idea. She was purring somewhere on the edge of the bed.

That night they had incredible sex. They talked a little. They cuddled. V felt like she was home. She knew for sure that she was ready to settle. She revoked her proclamation of never dating again. She could see this going somewhere. Somewhere she was eager to find out. It was 2:43am and none of them had had any sleep. They were both tired. She was particularly excited she was going to sleep in his arms. He held her possessively. She held him back. The night was beautiful. She secretly hoped he’d be there when she woke up later that day.

“I love you!”

“I love you too! I always have.”

“Don’t give this to anyone. It’s all mine!”

“Same goes for you!”

They sighed almost simultaneously. She looked at him again and whispered.

“I know I will hurt you, but never intentionally, unless you hurt me first.”

He didn’t say a word. Like he was internalizing her words. They soon fell asleep. It was magical.


Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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