V sat alone quietly in the house. She played loud music to drown the loneliness she was feeling. She felt strange. She’d recently offloaded her heart to her five-year-long friend. She had just finished college. She still hadn’t let go of school yet. She could have left town to go home to her mother and daughter, but she chose to stay just a little longer. She was working on Sam’s project at the same time. V had promised Angela that at the end of their five year course she would tell her some of her campus secrets. But as time went by, they had shared most of these. V had one important thing to say though. She wanted Angela to meet Ali, even if just virtually.
The two of them sat on the balcony of some club, whose name V hadn’t bothered to ask, that Friday night. She still felt excited from the pot they’d smoked that evening before hitting the bus. She wouldn’t have left had it not been for that boost. She’d gotten so high and she and Angela had laughed at nothing and everything. She was in a good mood. Ali had been good to her that week. He’d been good to her and she’d felt his every touch. That week he’d held her down with such energy that she’d sworn at some point that she wasn’t going to give it to him again. V was a satisfied woman. Sometimes she felt like she had it all. Like she’d found her missing puzzle piece. Like she was complete… The happiest a woman could be.
This was her first time at a club. She felt a little out of place. She felt irked by how touchy and inappropriate the guys would get. She wondered what gave guys the impression that every girl that showed up at a club wanted to be with them. But then again she had to force herself to look like she was having fun. She didn’t want to disappoint her friend. Besides, at the back of her mind, she knew that for her this was a onetime thing and that she was going to make it count. At the back of her mind, she wondered how that much noise would be someone’s idea of fun. She knew her thoughts were a little judgey, so she kept them to herself. She wanted to nag, to ask Angela if it was time to leave yet, but she decided against it. She turned down a few advances. At one point when they couldn’t have any more of the nuisance, they decided to join a bunch of guys seated across them, for protection maybe. Someone ordered one more round of drinks. She’d had two bottles of black ice. She didn’t feel the effect, and she knew she wouldn’t, for as long as she stayed that conscious of where she was. She decided she’d had enough. She got up wiggled a little on the dance floor to blend in then sat back down. At some point after she got tired of one inappropriate guy at the table, she went back to sitting at the balcony to stare at the dancing street boys directly below them. The boys were killing it. She smiled and for a second there contemplated of joining them and sharing in their freedom. She shooed away every man that came her way indiscriminately. She had Ali and he was more than enough for her.
V wasn’t intrigued by the attention. She wasn’t craving it. Eight months before that day, one of these men would have gotten lucky, but now she stared at them, almost with disdain. She thought it was rather lowly for a guy to scavenge over drunken girls with the hope of landing them. V was an alpha female who believed a real man had to deal with the sober her if he wanted to see the vulnerable her.
The night was noisy. She minded her business, made two trips to the ladies. She didn’t take another drink. Angie was sober too. V decided it was about time. Their girl talk session, which was the reason they’d come all the way anyway, had to begin. She thought of ways to start the conversation and finally came up with something – a disclaimer.
“Promise you won’t tell a soul about this…”
“I won’t, I promise.”
They went quiet; Angela waiting for what she couldn’t tell, and V thinking of how to put it. She wanted a good introductory line. She thought about it before she finally flashed out Ali’s photo.
“That’s him! Ali”
Angela went quiet for an instance. She stared at the photo with a smile – a sweet innocent grin.
“He looks like a sweet guy. He is perfect for you. I am genuinely happy for you V!”
V smiled. Angela laughed. The two girls were happy: V that she had the man she’d always hoped for, and Angie that she’d finally been ‘introduced’ to the infamous Ali and that he was good for V.
“There is something else you’re not telling me.”
“Which is…?”
“Is this Kelvin guy the same Kelvin I know?”
V wanted to say no. She couldn’t. Angie had asked nicely, and besides she was looking her in the eye. V was an actor. She could fake smiles. She could act like she was interested and many other things, but she was no liar. When asked a difficult question, sometimes she laughed and ignored it but she had trouble lying. She did lie sometimes, for she was human after all, but she could not lie while looking people in the eye.
“Yes!” She immediately felt a wave of embarrassment. But tonight was about letting the cats out of the bags, so she let go of the feeling and smiled.
“I knew it!”
“I had a feeling!”
V started to narrate.
“We grew pretty close back in the day. We hooked up. I wasn’t intending to take things far with him but somehow I fell for him. Things got complicated; I tried to move on but ended up pregnant with someone else’s baby. Someone I had no connection to, whatsoever, you know, complicated story. I feel uncomfortable talking about it.”
The rest of the evening was blurry. They left the club and went home at around 4am. V was exhausted, she went straight to bed.
Angela got up early the next day to meet up with her boyfriend. V was left alone in the house. She wanted to talk to Ali but had problems getting through to him. She tried, he was busy. But eventually they got to talk for a while. By around 4pm, Angela wasn’t back. V felt tired from not having rested well the previous night. She felt a little lonely and a lot bored.


Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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