V yawned. She was starting to get tired. The music she’d been listening to had started to sound monotonous. She needed to eat something. She left for the shops. She’d decided she would have omelet for supper, with rice maybe. A quick meal, something she’d learnt worked just fine. She would stew the omelet in a fashion she’d learnt from Steve. He was a good cook.

She sat down to eat while she watched a sitcom dubbed Friends. Angela had introduced her to these and she loved them. Everything about the show reminded her about her friends. She remembered how much fun they had had over the years. She also thought of her boyfriend, Ali. When she saw people having a moment, she would remember her moments with him, when they kissed, she bit on her lips. When they started to strip, her hand would go numb. Ali had a strong effect on her. He was capable of making her super anxious, super calm, super horny, nonchalant, and everything else, in a super fashion.

She recalled this one time she had an appointment with a colleague in campus. The two were to meet in the morning for a discussion. She got up early and took a shower. She was staying with Ali at that time. How that had come to be was something else entirely. After V made them breakfast and ensured he’d eaten his, she got all dressed up and prepared to leave. She’d made a habit of asking for his opinion on what she left the house in. That day she wore a purple dress-top and black stokins. He complained about the size of the dress, said it was short, and V felt flattered instead of insecure. She knew he was being jealous and she loved it. In fact, she decided to rub it in. She joked about how she was going to flirt with every handsome guy she met that Saturday. Just like that, they started to tease each other.

Moments later, she got onto the bed with him. He’d dared her about something and she was going to prove him wrong. The dare was that she could not resist him. She loved it when he got all confident. This time she decided she was going to turn him on irresistibly then leave him hanging just to prove a point. She knew him well enough to know where to touch. He tried to distract himself, to shift his attention to something else. He concentrated on his phone. He was lying on his back. She sat on his lower stomach and faced him. He had nothing on but his boxers. She smiled at him while she stroked his uneven beard. She loved it. He smiled back at her, briefly. It was a short, almost flat, but sexy smile. She kissed his neck lightly, she got no reaction. She touched his chest. He had a tiny black growth on the right side of his chest that resembled a nipple. She loved to tease him and to stroke it. She loved it even more that he always found it ticklish. The tiny growth was so close to his nipple, he looked like he had two nipples. She stroked them and he smiled again, slyly this time.

V stroked his chest gently, then poked him suddenly in his lower abs. he winced. V threw him a quick triumphant glance. He quickly wore a poker face and looked at V flatly. V loved the challenge. She stretched toward the front and nibbled at his lower lip. He returned the kiss though somewhat reluctantly. With her lips fixed on his, she slid her hand gently into his boxers and grabbed the root of his growing boner. She pulled back and smiled at him. He blushed. She loved it. His reactions were turning her on.

She lifted herself from him and knelt on the bed. She then started to glide backwards, her eyes fixed on his. He’d started to feel all of it. His distraction was no longer helpful. He stared at her with a deep longing look in his eyes. He had grown harder. She stroked his penis lightly, it winked. She smiled again, before touching the tip with her tongue. He stretched out his waist, in an attempt to push his dick into her mouth. Her lips were now fuller, her mouth wet and ready to go. She always felt this way when she was craving some oral. He waited. His forehead was now clenched with anticipation. V looked at him and laughed lightly. She then slid her lips down his wood. It felt good. She pulled back and slid again, this time taking it up into her throat. She loved the choking sensation it provided. He was now dangerously hard. V kept going. Her right hand stroked his chest while her left his right thigh.

V had succeeded on one count; she had managed to turn him on that morning. He had challenged her that she couldn’t and she’d accepted the challenge. One drag, she too was horny. She was dripping wet. He was still lying on his back. She stopped giving him head and sat back up. She gloated while looking at him. She was tempted to sit on his boner and insert it into her wet buttercup but she fought it. Part of the dare had been that she couldn’t resist him. He noticed she was going to get away with it, that she was fighting her desire. He decided that he was too horny to allow it.

Suddenly, he thrust himself into a sitting position. Then he grabbed her waist and flipped her over so that he was now on top. Almost instantly, he thrust himself into her, ever so gently. V winced. The pleasure was too much. She felt like she was going to explode, like her chest would not contain it. Then she let it all out; a loud shrill. He positioned himself perfectly on her while holding her waist form below. Then he heaved her closer to him, so that she would feel the full impact of his boner. V tried to muffle her screams, she couldn’t. She decided to let it go. She was breathless. She could barely call his name. She held onto him. She was shaking. He was heaving. He kissed her.  He tasted horny. V writhed and wriggled under him. Her squeeze became tighter as the pleasure increased in magnitudes. He knew what that meant so he continued going, bringing her to her first orgasm.

V felt helpless. However, she didn’t want him to stop, it felt heavenly. He extracted himself and turned her before bending her over the bed. She brought her thighs together and lowered her waist for him; she knew how he loved a good old doggie and she was going to let him have it. Normally, this would bring him to a quick climax, but that Saturday, he was bent on teaching her a lesson. A lesson she’d learnt a long time ago. A lesson she liked to be taught over and over… a simple but tough lesson… a sweet lesson… a fun lesson. An incredibly hot lesson; that he was the man. He was her man and V loved every bit of it.

He must have noticed that he was going to cum. He pulled out instantly and turned her one other time. She was now lying on her back, her waist placed on the edge of the bed. He threw her a wicked smile before plunging into her full force, the sex ever so hot. There had been no part of it where she had cooled down. After her first orgasm, she’d stayed hot. She started to wriggle. She kept moaning but now she felt faint. She trembled. She was coming to her second orgasm. He decided to let it go as well. He pulled out of her with a groan. He dropped on her side and lay breathless for a moment. For the next few minutes, none of them moved. V was still panting, trying to catch her breath. He too panted. He was sweating from a job well done.

Then V shot up from bed. She had to leave, she was getting late. She looked at her phone, it was almost ten. She had to leave. On her way out, she noticed with a small tint of embarrassment that she had been loud. She threw care to the wind. Her man was a pro and anyone that had a problem with it had to deal with it.


Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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