V was a sucker for apologies. She accepted them when she got them, and dished them when she didn’t. She accepted Ali’s verbal apology and made up with him. He didn’t touch her that night because she was unclean and unwilling. She also accepted his practical apology three days later when she was done rolling. One hell of an apology that was!


V woke up the next day feeling sick. She felt sick every morning if she didn’t get well rested the previous night. Besides, she’d been bitten by tones of mosquitoes that night. She started the day with her morning ritual. Food! Perhaps she would change this habit. Perhaps she would get into the habit of starting her day with a prayer like most spiritual people, or a bath like most normal people, but that day she was going to be herself, the self that Ali made fun of every waking morning. She was helping Sam out with his project report that day. She took a bath, dressed up and went to the university library. She would spend the day there. That way she wasn’t going to feel lonely because she would be busy.

The day was a success. She didn’t hear from Angela though. She talked to Ali every once in a while… a basic day, according to her. That night she slept better than the previous. She was getting used to the idea of being away from her man. That did not stop her from thinking about him though. She flirted with him. She told him how she’d spent her day and how she’d spent the previous night thinking of him. Soon their chat started to sound like phone s3x. This took V’s mind back to how it had all started.

The two had met and had liked each other. She liked how simple he was, how funny he was, how social he was, how fun he was, how friendly and charming he was, how kind he was, how real he was, how generous he was, how shy he was, how firm he could get, and how easy it was to talk to him. V never ran out of words when talking to him. She grew fond of him so quickly, and she was not scared. She started to confide in him about things she would not dare tell anyone else, not even her closest friends. V was rather secretive. She had trust issues and wasn’t so keen on giving second chances as far as trust was concerned, unless they were well deserved.

Before October third, the two had once had a similar conversation. V was staying with her aunt and was still clung onto the idea of Kelvin. She knew that they were over but she had trouble moving on. She had been emotionally invested and knew that it would take time before she got over him.

She talked to Ali about it, but never bothered to go into the details. They talked a lot about several things. Then V confessed to him that she’d stayed a while without it. They’d laughed about it but had kept talking about it. Without intending to, they started to flirt with each other. They would s3xt for lengthy periods of time. It started to get serious for V. She had to back out of it. She was falling for him and the thought of it scared her. They’d exchange nasty photos; V loved what she saw. However, she knew she wasn’t ready to start anything serious at that time, so she let him down easy. She gave him one of her favorite cliché lines; we can only be friends. From the sound of his response, he wasn’t pleased. He too had started to feel things for her. Things he wasn’t sure he’d ever explore. V had asked him to sleep with another girl; that the feelings would disappear if he did. He did. V was somehow disappointed by the fact that he’d actually done it. But she needed it. It helped her rid her head of thoughts of him.

When she finished her attachment and no longer lived with her aunt, she felt free again to do as she pleased. V was respectful despite everything. She was not the kind of girl that dared to bring a man to her aunt’s house. She also did not dare stay out late. Every evening, she went back home respectfully. She knew it was only a matter of months and she would be free again to do as she pleased. When she reported back to campus, she had the freedom to visit Ali at his place. She didn’t do it immediately, she took her time.

She’d been to his place once before October third. She’d realized that the feelings she’d developed over the attachment period were still there. She’d extracted herself carefully, mostly to evade the awkwardness. The second time she’d been there she’d broken the barriers. The tension that had been mounting over the days had culminated into hot passion. They had gotten closer over the months and were hoping for something serious out of it.

V had had good s3x before him. But there was something different about s3x with Ali. It was meaningful. They would communicate. Their bodies were in synch. They were both adventurous, always trying out something new. S3x was a language to them, an art. They had s3x when things were going great as an expression of affection. They had s3x when things were not going so great, as an expression of commitment. They had s3x after a fight as an expression of remorse and love. They had s3x after a long period of not being together as an expression of loyalty. They had s3x when they didn’t even feel like it as an expression of spontaneity. They had s3x when either one of them had done something good as a sign of gratitude. They had s3x when either one of them did not feel like it as an expression of selflessness. She felt free to tell him how she wanted it. He flipped her around like he wanted. They had s3x as a game. They dared each other into doing it. And regardless of how many times she did it, V never got bored.

Normally V had a very short concentration span. She would get bored so easily. She had trouble staying in the same place for long. With Ali, she had a reason to stay. Above everything, Ali understood her perfectly. He knew when to start and when to stop. He knew when her stop meant more, well at least most of the time. He also knew when her silence meant, I don’t like it, and when it meant I am breathless. He loved to tease her. And sometimes he would turn her down, when she made a move, for payback or to see her reaction. He turned her down sometimes to test her patience, and when he stroke back, it was worth the wait. She rarely ever turned him down unless she really wasn’t in the mood, she’d had enough or she was mad at him for something. But even when she was mad, she’d end up giving in to his apology. He was a good wooer. V felt confident enough to initiate s3x with him. He was never intimidated by her nature, or by her straight forwardness. He loved to stay in charge in bed to remind her that she had a man. V had no need of power plays with him, because he respected her and made her feel good about herself. They were a perfect match for each other.

She was in love. And she understood her man as well as he understood her. She knew when to leave him alone and when to push him. Consequently, orgasms were no longer an event for her. She’d had several of them. She’d had multiple orgasms with him. She’d had moments with him. Moments that outranked each other.

V remembered how he’d been so scared to disappoint her the first time owing to her large appetite and her great hunger. He’d almost backed out, but she’d given him the confidence, something she would never regret regardless of how the two of them wound up.

V loved how she’d found the woman in her because of him. She’d been pregnant before and even that wasn’t enough to make her feel like a woman. She’d once gotten to a point and had promised herself that she would become a lesbian. That she would leave the country, find a pretty woman and live with her away from the judgmental opinion of society. Ali had rescued her from that dark pit she’d gotten into. He’d made her feel like a woman again. He’d proven to her that her body needed something only a real man could give.

V had learnt to play with herself. At one point, she’d almost developed an addiction. She’d stopped again for a while after it started to feel embarrassing. However, Ali had once driven her to that point. That period that they’d gotten used to s3xting, he would turn her on so much. Then he would send her a photo of him to show her what she was doing to him. She would wind up with her middle finger on her clit. She’d once been so hot for him and she’d sent him an audio of what he was making her do to herself. That was the point at which she’d decided to distance herself from him. He’d been upset by her decision but had respected it.

Then she experienced something new with him; something she did not exactly understand. That day, he’d turned her down the previous night. She’d woken up the next morning cross with him. They spent the day in the house playing games, teasing each other, talking, arguing, and just about anything else two lovers would do in the house except anything and everything s3xual. Later that evening when he started insinuating s3x, she was glad to turn him down. He knew she wanted it but was trying to pay him back so he upped his game. First he started to caress her. It wasn’t hard to get to her given she barely ever had anything on when she was indoors. She’d had a bath, it was around six. They were lying lazily on the bed solving the denial incidence. He caressed her boobs in a fashion he knew she couldn’t resist. She could barely resist his touch anyway. He kissed her neck gently as he did, then moved downwards and started to suckle her tits. V’s nipples were so hard she wanted them plucked out.

He licked, suckled and caressed her tits till they got sore. He then started to eat her up. He teased her while he did. He would look at her to see her reaction then just as she was about to get distracted, he would go back to pleasuring her. Every time he lifted his face from between her thighs, she would raise her waist. She wasn’t about to waste any of the sweetness. He alternated that with fingering her. V twisted and raised her waist in hot pursuit of the sweetness.

By the time he decided he wanted some of it, she had rotated some a hundred and something degrees on the bed. He straightened her and dived in. V wasn’t sure but she must have had a mini-orgasm from the foreplay. As soon as he was started, she barely had any energy left in her. Suddenly she felt like peeing, only more intense. She felt like she couldn’t hold it. She’d felt something like that before with him but she’d been able to get him off and rush to the loo. On that day she was too weak. Her whole body was shaking. She couldn’t talk or move. She looked at him blankly. He must have felt her muscles contract because he started to groan. From the sounds he made, she could tell he was having the time of his life. He sounded like he was on fire; like he would burst with pleasure any moment. V tried to hold her ‘pee’ but couldn’t. Then she resigned and let it gush out. Ali extracted himself and came on her tummy. She lay there feeling weak and helpless. Ali gaped at her. He was exhausted, but could not contain his joy. He’d made her squirt. His was the first dick to make her squirt. And it was the first time he’d made a woman squirt. V lay breathless longer than it usually took her to recover from a normal orgasm.

Ali shot up moments later and had a quick shower. Those weren’t his favorite. He tagged her to shower with him, but she just stared at him, almost like a stroke patient. Ali came back and wiped his cum off of her, before lying quietly by her side to give her time to recover. Quietly… no! He was way too excited to let her be. He cuddled her close to him and held her like she would slip away if he loosened his grip. She just stared. A smile permanently implanted on her lips. V was sure that at some point she had blacked out.

As soon as V started to recover from that magical moment, she started to feel embarrassed. She had wet his bed, his beddings… she’d made a big spot. She quickly covered her face. He laughed. He was so happy. He’d wanted to give her that and now he had. He could hardly wait to hear about how it felt for her. He pulled her hands from her face and she quickly covered it using a blanket. This went on for a while, the pulling and the covering that is. He stopped and held her closer. V was still exhausted. She soon fell asleep. He let her be. He knew she would tell him about it as soon as she was fully recovered.

She woke up later in the night. He asked how it had been, how she’d felt. She understood his curiosity and decided to make him wait; to savor it.

“All in due time, baby…”



Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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