His on her

  • V decided that she would go home at the end of that week. The reminiscences were not helping. She was sure it would be a while before she saw her man again. She was going away, to be with her family, and she dreaded the distance that separated them. V had never been in a long distance relationship before and she feared them. However, she was sure she would wait for him, however long it took. He was after all the love of her life. She had only one fear – what if she would be gone for long and he couldn’t wait anymore? She had one consolation however, she knew he loved her just as much. Ali was a sensitive and jealous guy. He had his pride but still managed to get insecure when she flirted with other guys. V was an insane girl but she had her limits. Sometime she did it on purpose just to see if he still cared. He did, she loved it. He had professed his love for her more times than she cared to remember. He had even confessed on one occasion that he was a jealous guy. He had threatened to kill her if she ever gave her cookie to another guy. It was his, he’d said, and no longer hers to give. She laughed at the idea. She loved him. She got ready to go home. She had mixed feelings. She was going to be with family again, with Ara. However, she was going to miss Ali. She would miss his company, his smile, his warmth. She would miss the games, the s3x. What was worst she wasn’t sure when they would see each other again. She was going home indefinitely. He was visiting family too. She wasn’t sure for how long. V sorted out the staff she was going home with. She told Ali about her concerns, he reassured her that they would be together again. He confessed to her that he had no time to go finding himself another girl. She had an overwhelming desire to be with him close. He promised her he’d find a way for them to be together again. Their chats were steamy. She knew she had to fight the urge, it would do her no good. She was fighting the memories. The memories of him holding her down and making her scream like a little girl. The memories of how he would hold her possesively. The memory of the sound of his chuckle. The memories of the fun they had had together. She sure was going to miss him. V was a naughty girl when she wanted to be. Some of her acquaintances knew that as well as most of her friends. She had kissed a few girls in her time out of curiosity. She was pleased with Ali and wanted to give him something most men could only dream of – a threesome. Ali wasn’t sure she could handle it granted she was the jealous type. V knew she could, she just had to prove it to him. First, she had to seduce him and ensure he was totally hers. Pictures of her boobs always got him – he loved them. Probably more than he love her.. She laughed at the possibility of that being the case. This time however, she was going to give him more. She wanted to send him photos of her whole body. Nudes. But she couldn’t take those on her own. It wasn’t easy asking anyone to take photos of her while she walked around naked. It would be a little awkward. When Mercy called her later that evening to say that she would be visiting the next day, V couldn’t be more excited. Mercy was the perfect solution to her little problem. She was another naughty girl. And V knew that asking her wouldn’t be as awkward. Mercy showed up the next day. She was excited when she saw V. From the minute she arrived she was cheeky, like she was harbouring her own naughty thoughts. V had conveniently avoided having a bath. Soon as Mercy got settled, she undressed and stepped into the bathroom. “Mind taking me photos while I do this? They are for Ali” “Haha thought you stopped being naughty” “He makes me want to do this for him.” She paused while Mercy laughed. “I was thinking of giving him a threesome…” “You still hang up on that idea?” “You too think I can’t handle it, huh? Perhaps you people have no idea what I can handle.” Both girls giggled. “Your body looks so slippery and sweet covered in soap. He will be so turned on!” V laughed softly flattered. Mercy took a series of photos. V paused in every naughty way she thought of. She bent over at some point and touched herself in forbidden ways, just because she could. Mercy winced involuntarily. “Your hips are bigger than they used to be. Guess Ali really knows how to work them, huh?” “Guy’s got me hooked” “Am so happy for you, V. You deserve a guy like him. You deserve to be that happy.” “Every woman does.” She was soon done. She stepped out of the bathroom with nothing on. She had intentionally left her towel on the bed. Mercy followed her with her eyes fixed on the camera. “Your boobs look so sexy.” “Ali thinks so too. Thanks!” She dried off and started to oil her body ever so seductively. She went on to look for clothes to wear. Mercy was getting out of hers. According to her, it was hot. She was in matching undies – a red bra and red panties. There was something sexy about that. “How long has it been for you?” “Say a day? I was with Tim yesterday.” “Damn!” “How long has it been for you?” “About a week and a half. It already feels like forever” “How much longer is it going to be?” “No idea. That’s the saddest part.” “But don’t worry. You two are meant for each other. You will be with him soon.” “That’s what he says.” V decided on light blue panties and a gray bra. She felt sexy. Her panties clang onto her big ass and hips like they never wanted to let go. Her cleavage showed seductively from the bra. “Ali is a lucky guy.” “You probably think so ’cause you like me.” “I know so ’cause it’s true.” V blushed. “Mind if I take you photos as well?” “Absolutely not!” She sounded thrilled. V started getting ideas. She would probably get naughty with Mercy, take a video and send it to Ali. Now, that sounded like a good idea. She smiled. She was getting hot. There was something about Mercy’s body that was turning her on. She took the photos alright, but she was admiring the female body in front of her. The curves, the bounciness, the flesh, the glow. She imagined that that was the reason men would do anything to get some of a woman. She was beginning to understand. “Mind lying on the bed for one?” Mercy did. V smiled. She could feel her clit throbbing. She was turned on. She felt excited. “Part your legs, will you?” Mercy giggled and obeyed. V could tell from her body language that she too was turned on. They were both shy, but V was more horny than shy. With her phone camera still focused on her female companion, she approached the bed. She had two conflicting ideas running through her mind. She thought of pleasuring herself while Mercy recorded her. It felt naughty. Then she got onto the bed before her mind was made up. Mercy was tense with desire. V moved closer to her. She turned away shyly and giggled. V loved the challenge. She was definitely going to go with the other idea; make out with her friend and record it for her boyfriend. Ali had once told her that something like that would turn him on. Mercy tried to get away. V was all over her like predator on prey. Mercy giggled as she protested softly: the classic game of hard-to-get. V was gradually losing it. She placed her lips on Mercy’s. Mercy kissed her softly then giggled and turned. V dropped the phone. She’d have held it if she had extra hands but the two she had had something else to do: too bad for Ali, she thought, maybe some day he would get to watch it and record it in person. V held Mercy by the waist and lay her on the bed. She was above her and totally in control. She was getting even more turned on by the idea that she was in control. With Ali, she never got to be in control. He loved that part most of the sex. Her loved to watch her wriggle under him like his little girl. He loved to make her scream. Seeing her turned on and begging for his therapy was a sight he adored. And now she understood. She watched Mercy wriggle as she kissed her and fondled her boobs. V knew just where to touch and how to. She was a girl who knew where and how she wanted to be touched herself. Mercy damned and wriggled. The furthest V had ever gone with a girl was a snog. But that afternoon she felt like going further. She was so turned on she couldn’t help it. Her lower lips were dripping wet. She wanted to dip her finger into her own slits and get done with it but she figured it would be selfish given the situation. Suddenly she felt overwhelmed by a certain courage. She reached for the hooks on Mercy’s bra and unhooked it. She threw it away. She then slid below her and pulled off her panties, just like Ali did with her. She wanted to pleasure her conquest in his fashion – it was her favourite after all. V dipped her middle finger into Mercy’s slits. Damn was she wet! V almost laughed. She smiled instead. She looked up. Mercy was lost in a world of her own. V pulled it out as some of her juices started to drip then slowly and deliberately pushed it back in. Mercy pushed closer and raised her waist as if begging for more. V loved that it was working. That she was actually teasing her. She pulled her finger out and placed it on her clit then rubbed it softly. Mercy was breathing hard, so was she. Then V decided to go a step further. She moved further behind and placed her lips onto Mercy’s slits. She hesitated a little, but realized instantly it was too late now she couldn’t pull back. She opened her lips and let her tongue rub softly onto Mercy’s clit. Mercy moaned softly. V pulled back for a second then pushed back in then gently tongued her friend as best as she knew how. The acidic taste in the area was something she hadn’t expected. She’d seen Ali lick her off with such passion and had imagined it tasted like peanuts, or oranges – he loved those. She then dipped her finger back in. She inserted a second and fingered her friend with innuendo. Seconds later, she felt a warm juice flow on her fingers. She had made her friend cum! Mercy’s back was arked on the edge of the bed, her head almost touched the floor. Her hands were thrown about in surrender. V felt triumphant. It was a good feeling. She imagined it was what Ali felt every time he made her cum. He had probably felt better than that the first time she had squirted. V woke up from the bed. She hadn’t been touched but she felt quenched. She was no longer as horny as she’d been at the beginning. She took Mercy from the bed and lifted her from the bed. They played around some more before she went to the bathroom to clean up. She then took up her phone to tell Ali what he’d missed. She sent the photos she’d taken and laughed hard as she literally felt him grow a boner. Mission accomplished. Now she could go home a secure girl.

Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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