Lesson 2; shading vs. smudging

V spent the weekend helping her sister out around the house. She wasn’t that busy, but she figured it was good to spend weekends with family. She met with Jimmy on Monday at around ten at his uncle’s house like planned. She was excited. When she got there, she knocked for a while then almost gave up but he opened the door; he’d been asleep.

“Oh… hello V! I’m sorry I kept you waiting”

“NO, that’s ok; I haven’t waited that long anyway”

“You’re lucky I heard you knock. I slept late last night because I was doing this drawing and I have to deliver it later today.”

“Can I see it?”

“Sure, but don’t touch the inside of the drawing, it will smudge.”

He handed her the drawing. It wasn’t framed yet, he explained he would frame it in town.

“What pencils did you use in this drawing?”

“The B series”

“And how do you make your drawing so neat and smooth? When I do my drawings, the strokes never disappear, makes the drawing look dirty.”

“If you want a neat drawing, use light strokes but repeat severally till the drawing is the quality you want. Then use something soft like tissue paper to smudge lightly. Do that severally till you have what you want. But when you stroke, be confident. I noticed you shade like you’re not sure”

“I wish I’d watched you do the drawing, it feels like there is a lot for me to learn.” She paused and stared at the drawing, admiring how keen he’d been with detail. She was comparing it to the original photo.”How long did you take to draw this?”

“I’ve done it for two nights.”

“Isn’t that a bit too long?”

“I never rush my work, I love to give quality.”

“Hmm… and these patterns, how did you get them so accurately?”

“I used the kneaded rubber.”

“What now?”

“It’s a kind of rubber that you can mould into different shapes to make patterns. It’s also for erasing in narrow spaces.”

“I need one of those, what’s its name again?”

“Kneaded rubber, N-e-e-d-e-d”

“Are you sure it’s not k-n-e-a-d-e-d?”

“No, check the pack, it’s here.”

V took the pack from him and laughed loudly, she was right and he was wrong.

“So, how was your weekend?”

“Was great”

“Mine was great too. We Muslims had a youth meeting, it was fun”

“I didn’t even go to church.”

“I’m guessing the boyfriend kept you busy, huh?”

Chuckle “No, he’s not even around.”

They went through the drawing materials, the prices, the good quality, and how to attain them. He was very helpful. At around twelve he offered to make her lunch, she declined. V rarely ever ate at a house she wasn’t accustomed to. She also rarely ever ate with people she wasn’t accustomed to.

“When I first saw you I was so tense. You seemed high maintenance. Truth is you’re so simple and easy to deal with.”

“Because I won’t have lunch?”

“No. you’re generally real. You’re not a pretender.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot”

“And you’re different from most girls I’ve interacted with”

“How so?”

“You’re sincere. You said you wanted to know how to draw and that was sincere.”

“You meet girls that say they want to draw and they don’t?”

“Most girls, to be honest, usually contact me for sex.”

“That must be tough. But most guys wouldn’t complain about that, they’d be happy”

“I’m not most guys, I would want to meet a serious girl and settle with her. Some of these girls are loose.” He paused to pull out his phone from his right pocket. “A girl that sends a video like this, how would you take someone like that seriously?”

V wanted to ignore the video but a part of her felt curious. She took the phone and stared at the video, pondering whether to open it or return the phone to the owner. She watched porn sometimes when someone sent them to her. She would watch porn if she bumped into it. But she hardly ever watched it in the presence of company. She’d watch a naughty clip or two with Ali, but only if he was into it. She still felt tempted though, she hadn’t had any action in months, so maybe watching it was harmless.

“You scared to watch it?”

“Why would I be?”

“I don’t know, because I’m here? Or because it will affect you?”

“This is just a video. And I’ll watch it to prove you wrong.” She hit play… a girl playing with what looked like cucumber. Gross. She had no interest in that because she was very capable of doing that on her own. She however let the clip play. Towards the end, just before she handed back the phone, another video looped on and started to play. Involuntarily she swallowed hard. It started with a guy going down on a girl. She looked at Jimmy; he was staring at her reading her every reaction. V realized that she had been set up. Maybe the story about the girls wanting sex was true, but getting her to watch those videos had been a calculated move.

She feigned indifference while she watched the good guy romp the brains out of his hungry companion. Yea, so what, it’s just porn she thought. Her mind knew that it was stupid and so she gave back the phone. Her loins on the other hand were burning, and she knew they were just getting started.

“You didn’t finish watching it.”

“It’s boring.”

“Yea, you don’t look so bored”

“If I’m to watch two people going at it, then I’d rather they have some sort of chemistry. Something that will make me think that they actually want each other.”

“Here” He handed her the phone this time with a different clip playing.

“How many of these videos do you have?”

“I told you I have some crazy contacts. And plus they added me to this crazy Whatsapp group where some of the participants upload their own porn.”

V was honestly shocked. She could fathom making a sex video, she’d done it severally with Ali, but she could never dare share them. Heck, Ali didn’t even share them with her. They would make porn on his phone and then he would conveniently accidentally delete them. It was fun. So she wondered how much gut it would take to share the video with people she probably knew. She watched the video she’d been given. It was erotic. She loved the story in the video, the creativity. And the camerawork… the wetness was captured, she could see the girl dripping, she was the girl in the moment. Her mind raced to when she was the girl in the video. She could feel it, like it was happening to her. V was well aware that she was wet and dangerously horny now. She also was well aware of her company. She was even more aware of the promise. She felt frustrated, especially because she had to hide all this from Jimmy. But why was she still watching. Why had she fallen in his trap? Why had she agreed to watch? Jimmy stretched to take the phone from V and deliberately brushed on her boobs. They were tender in the moment and very sensitive. She felt him brush her. She could have moved backwards to avoid it, but she just stayed and pretended not to notice.

She didn’t say a word to him. She knew he knew that she was affected by the videos.

“Want more?” now he was holding the phone over her right breast, pretending to hand it over to her. V kept still for a while, then placed her receiving hand in a way that she knew he would be forced to touch her other breast. She never once looked at him. He placed the phone in her palm but this time he did not withdraw his hand from her breast. Then he slid it downwards. She did not react. He slid it back upwards this time with a little more force that he raised her breast slightly. V pushed her chest against his hand. He knew she wanted him to touch her, though she still wasn’t sure about what she was doing. Jimmy now grabbed her breast with confidence and fondled it. It felt heavenly. She was completely starved. She still didn’t make a sound. She couldn’t look at him either. She pretended she wasn’t affected by it. He turned to face her and grabbed both of her tits and fondled them with such zeal. V breathed slightly heavier than usual but she still wasn’t going to let him see what he was doing to her. He tried to kiss her, she faced the other side. That she was sure she wasn’t going to do. There was no harm in a little boob playing, but kissing was definitely taking it to another level, a level she wasn’t interested in.

“You have such sexy boobs”

“Th…Ahem…thanks” her throat was suddenly dry. In other circumstances, this would be the point she would lean in for a kiss or for some good head. But this was different. The promise was the only thing on her mind. She hated the promise. She loved the promise.

“You want me to stop?” he was merely whispering amid heavy breaths. He was definitely horny too.

“Sto…ahem…stop what?”

“Should I stop touching you? You don’t seem so interested, and now it feels kind of awkward.”

“Maybe you should”

He pulled back to sit, but this time facing her. His knees were folded on the chair, touching her thighs.

“I haven’t been this horny for a girl in ages”

“Oh yea?” She could tell that it was a lie, but in that moment she liked the sound of it.

“I don’t know what came over me, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, it’s ok”

Then suddenly he grabbed her hand and placed it on his bulging pants. “See what you did to me”

“I didn’t do anything. The videos were yours, and you touched me, I didn’t touch you”

“You’re just so sexy, and so beautiful. And you smell good”

V smiled. Jimmy placed his hands back on her chest, this time inching in closer. V almost asked him to stop, but she realized her hand was still on his crotch. She realized with a little surprise that she’d been fondling his penis. She wasn’t even aware of it until when he started to touch her. She’d missed this; the human contact, the feel of a hard penis, the breath of a man wanting her.

“And you’re very good with your hands. I love what you’re doing to my penis.” V pulled her hand but he grabbed it and placed it back. She figured she might as well enjoy it. The more she touched it, the more she wanted it inside of her.

Jimmy then held her by the waist and placed her on her back in the couch. Now he was on top of her. He wasn’t touching her breast from inside her clothes anymore; he’d released them and was now suckling at them. V’s eyes were closed. She was drifted away in fantasy. He seemed to know what he was doing, and she didn’t want to interrupt. Then his left hand started to slide downwards towards her jeans. She had mixed reactions. On some level she was excited but on another level her mind kept running back to the promise. She kept wondering whether to just break the promise and get it over with but she knew that that would never end well for her. She had better stop this guy before it was too late. He had already undone the belt on her jeans and was now unbuttoning it. V slid her right hand towards her jeans to stop him, but in so doing she felt his bulging penis and stopped to feel it some more. He instinctively pushed back his pants and released the prisoner. V gasped at the feel of his flesh on the back of her palm. She clasped it in her hand as though to milk it. He winced. V’s legs were now spread as wide as they could go. He dipped his hand into her soaked panties. He tried to find his way to her slits but the jeans had been made even tighter when she spread her legs.

“Can I pull your jeans off?”




“Why not?”

“I can’t do this with you”

“I won’t have sex with you if you don’t want me to, I promise. I just want to touch you”


He fumbled and at some point found his way down there. When his middle finger slid into her wet pot, she felt different; like she had violated some sort of code. It felt so good and so real yet again so wrong.

“Wait” she pleaded. He naturally assumed that she had now changed her mind and wanted to get her jeans off for him. He obeyed and lifted himself off of her. V took that chance to sit up. She buttoned her jeans and closed her belt. He watched without a word. Then she sat up and made her hair. She was silent. He spoke first.

“I’m sorry”


“I know you have a boyfriend, I shouldn’t be doing this with you.” She did not respond. “He is such a lucky guy”

“Stop apologizing. I’m not even sure I have a boyfriend.”

“But you said…”

“I know what I said”

“So why did you say no to me? I will use protection if that’s what you’re scared about.”

“I made him a promise, and I intend to keep it”

He sighed. They sat like that for about five minutes before V decided it was time to leave. Jimmy too remembered he had a drawing to deliver. V went home feeling guilty about letting him play with her breasts. Maybe she was an evil person that deserved to be left after all. Perhaps she wasn’t as good a girlfriend and she wanted to be. She consoled herself that she had learnt a bit of smudging and more of shading. She had also been told the things she needed to get started. Now she would just focus on getting them, maybe with his help. But after what had happened, she wasn’t sure she would see him again. Maybe she had screwed it up, and her chance to become a great artist she had ruined.


Published by: andefwa

I say it as it is. I get into trouble a lot for this reason. but then again, am an artist. And that's just how it is in our world. I have trouble with expressing myself at times. so I find it easier to let it out in third, or fourth person hihi. that in itself is a secret i just said right there. so keep it that way,will you? :-P ;-)

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